OCPR 3rd-6th Grade Basketball Form

OCPR participates in the Scott Brown Youth Basketball League. This league is comprised of Osage CIty, Americus, Council Grove, Mission Valley, Burlingame, Lyndon, Overbrook, Olpe, and the Emporia Rec Commission.

  • The SBBL is split into gender specific single grade divisions. Combined grade teams are placed in the higher grade division.
  • Goal Height -- 3rd & 4th Grades (9ft) - 5th & 6th Grades (10ft)
  • OCPR TEAM PRACTICE --- Can begin the week of November 18, if a head coach has been assigned.
  • Practice days and times are set by each team's Head Coach.
  • SBBL teams play a minimum of 6 games, and all teams qualify for their individual division post-season tournament. The number of tournament games is determined by the number of teams in their divisional tournament.
  • SBBL SEASON -- Saturdays, January 4 - February 15
  • SBBL TOURNAMENT DATE -- February 22
  • SBBL division games are played at different town host sites each Saturday. Games played in Osage City will be in the OCES Gym, OCMS Gym, and/or OCHS Gym.
  • Osage City players receive a team uniform (jersey & shorts) --- The jersey needs to be returned to OCPR at the end of the season.
  • Each SBBL Division Tournament team finishing 1st-4th place in their tournament, receives a medal.
  • Program Fee --- $30 per player

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3rd Grade Boys 3rd Grade Girls

4th Grade Boys 4th Grade Girls

5th Grade Boys 5th Grade Girls

6th Grade Boys 6th Grade Girls

  • Scores can be reported to Corey Linton -


  • SBBL FINAL Tournament Brackets

3rd Grade Girls --

4th Grade Girls -- 

5th Grade Girls -- 

 6th Grade Girls --

3rd Grade Boys -- 

4th Grade Boys --
5th Grade Boys -- 
6th Grade Boys --